PhD jobs

Two PhD positions

Developmental Psychobiology Lab

Prof.dr. Carolina de Weerth is looking for two highly capable, eager, and intrinsically motivated PhD candidates to join her Developmental Psychobiology Lab (DPBLab). This position is funded by a personal VICI grant awarded to Prof. de Weerth and funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The grant is on healthy children’s gut microbial colonization in relation to stress early in life and later brain functioning, behavior, and cognition.… Continue reading

Developmental courses at Radboud Summer School 2018

Nijmegen, 13-17 August 2018

(early bird registration deadline: 1 April)

Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence

Peers are powerful socialization agents, contributing well beyond the collective influences of family, school and neighborhood. This highly interactive course focuses on the importance of peers for child development. During this course you will have ample opportunity to learn about the past, present and future of peer relations research.… Continue reading

Two Vici awards for developmental research

Vici is one of the largest grants for individuals in the Netherlands and targets advanced researchers. The funding enables the scientists to set up their own innovative line of research and put together their own research group.

When Mommy and Daddy Get Under Your Skin…
Prof. G. (Geertjan) Overbeek (m), UvA – Pedagogics

This research examines whether parents can get under their children’s skins.… Continue reading

Vacatures Radboud University

Docenten ontwikkelingspsychologie (0,4 – 0,5 fte)

Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen – Radboud University
Maximum salaris: € 4.654,- bruto/maand
Vacaturenummer: 24.27.16
Reageer uiterlijk op: 21-06-2016


Het Onderwijsinstituut Psychologie en Kunstmatige Intelligentie van de Radboud Universiteit zoekt twee docenten met een achtergrond in de ontwikkelingspsychologie. Als docent ben je betrokken bij het bachelor- en masteronderwijs in de ontwikkelingspsychologie.… Continue reading

Radboud Summer School

Radboud Summer School organizes two summer courses that may be of interest to VNOP members:

Toon Cillessen and his colleagues offer a summer course on ‘peer relations and social interactions in childhood and adolescents’ from Monday August 1 till Friday August 5 2016. During the summer course you will have ample opportunity to learn about the history, current state and future directions of peer relations research.… Continue reading

PhD position on ‘food parenting practices’ in low income families (1,0 fte)

Radboud University – Faculty of Social Sciences – Vacancy number: 24.01.16

Application deadline: 14 February 2016

Childhood obesity is a rising and alarming epidemic, particularly among children with a lower socioeconomic background. Despite the clear need for effective prevention approaches, existing programmes have often failed to work among, or are not able to reach, those with a lower socioeconomic status.… Continue reading

PhD opportunities in Developmental Psychology

Seven PhD Candidates (deadline for applications: March 8th, 2015)

The Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) Graduate School offers talented Master’s students the opportunity to write a research project proposal and become a PhD candidate in Behavioural Science. We encourage multidisciplinary proposals and originality.  For more information about the possibilities within Developmental Psychology, mail Carolina de Weerth (… Continue reading

Summer School Course on Early Programming

Early Programming: How Early Life Shapes Human Development

Nijmegen, August 3-7

During the prenatal and early postnatal years, human neurobiological and behavioral development proceeds at a breathtaking pace and is highly sensitive to environmental influence. Early experience shapes early and long-term developmental outcomes.

In this course you will learn about the effects of early experience on human development, and more specifically, on health, cognition, physiology, and socio-emotional development.… Continue reading

VNOP lab visit Radboud University (February 9th)

 Dear VNOP members,

Registration for the VNOP Lab Visit at Radboud University Nijmegen, on February 9th, 2015 is opened. We organize a day for you consisting out of two interactive workshops on stress in infants and children and longitudinal research. In both workshops, practical and ethical challenges will be discussed. Additionally, there will be several labdemo’s that allow you to admire and experience tasks that are used by our researchers.… Continue reading

VNOP lab visit February 9th

*English version below*

Beste VNOP leden,

Graag nodigen wij jullie van harte uit voor de VNOP labvisit van de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, op 9 februari 2015.
Het afwisselende programma bevat onder andere twee interactieve workshops en een groot aantal lab demo’s. Eén workshop zal gaan over stress bij baby’s en kinderen en in de andere workshop staat longitudinaal onderzoek centraal.… Continue reading

Vacancy PhD Developmental Psychology Radboud University

The Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) Graduate School offers talented Master’s students the opportunity to write a research project proposal and become a PhD student in developmental psychology. Please write a short research proposal about a research topic of your choice. Your proposal should have a good fit with research currently conducted in the Social Development research programme.… Continue reading