PhD position on ‘food parenting practices’ in low income families (1,0 fte)

Radboud University – Faculty of Social Sciences – Vacancy number: 24.01.16

Application deadline: 14 February 2016

Childhood obesity is a rising and alarming epidemic, particularly among children with a lower socioeconomic background. Despite the clear need for effective prevention approaches, existing programmes have often failed to work among, or are not able to reach, those with a lower socioeconomic status. We need a radically new prevention approach, one that is both theory and evidence based and applies to low-income families. This project aims to do so by intervening at the right moment (when children start to eat the normal family meal and snacks), with the right people (low-income and overweight mothers), and with the right risk behaviours (consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and snacks) and underlying determinants (automatic parenting processes). It specifically focuses on food parenting practices and will examine whether mothers who receive (feeding) parenting support through mobile applications and/or group meetings at paediatric clinics will have children who eat more healthily and have a lower weight. As a PhD you will be part of a larger project team in which people from the creative industry (app developers) and clinical practice (group leaders at paediatric clinics) are employed. In this project qualitative research techniques (i.e. focus groups at the start of the project) will be combined with a further quantitative research approach.

For more information about this vacancy, please contact: Dr. J. Larsen, assistant professor of child and family psychopathology. Telephone: +31 24 3612370. E-mail: