Radboud Summer School

Radboud Summer School organizes two summer courses that may be of interest to VNOP members:

Toon Cillessen and his colleagues offer a summer course on ‘peer relations and social interactions in childhood and adolescents’ from Monday August 1 till Friday August 5 2016. During the summer course you will have ample opportunity to learn about the history, current state and future directions of peer relations research. Moreover, you have learned to use state of the art research measures and paradigms to assess peer relations and interactions. More information can be found on:

More information on: http://www.ru.nl/radboudsummerschool/courses/healthcare/vm-more-courses/summer-course-peer-relations-and-social/

Carolina de Weerth and her colleagues offer a summer course on ‘early programming: how early life shapes behavior’ from Monday August 8 till Friday August 12 2016. This course focuses on the effects of early experience on human development, and more specifically, on health, cognition, physiology and socio-emotional development. Factors that play a role in our development will be approached from different perspectives, with special attention to evolutionary, biological, psychological and social perspectives. More information can be found on:

More information on: http://www.ru.nl/radboudsummerschool/courses/brain-behaviour/vm-more-courses/summer-course-early-programming-how-early-life/

Course credits (2ECTS) can be given for both courses. If you subscribe before April 1 and/or if you study at one of the many partner universities, you can get discount up to 25%.