Summer school on neurocognitive methods for infant and toddler research in Utrecht, The Netherlands; Save the dates! July 10-14, 2017

The field of developmental cognitive neuroscience has made great progress over the past decades. To take it to the next level will require codification, innovation and further integration of experimental methodologies and quantitative aspects of data interpretation. The current summer school will acquaint students with a number of methods frequently applied in brain, cognition and behaviour research with infants and toddlers. Specifically, it will sensitize students to issues regarding reliability, replicability, and validity, and have them explore how these issues relate to general and specific susceptibilities of current techniques and quantitative methods.

The summer school will include lectures from experts in various techniques, interactive discussion sessions, student presentations, and a one-day symposium on methodological considerations in infants and toddler research.

Confirmed speakers are:
Celeste Kidd – Behavioral methods and the Goldilocks effect in cognitive research with infants
Jean-Remy Hochmann – Eye tracking and pupillometry in early speech and language perception by infants
Vincent Reid – EEG/ERP research to study the development of visual perception in infants
Sarah Lloyd-Fox/ Anna Blasi – fNIRS for studying social development in infants

Participation is open to students at advanced master or PhD level. Attendance fee will be € 450, including attendance to the summer school, the symposium, the summer school diner, and housing, excluding travel costs.
For more information on the programme and application details please go to:

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