annual Radboud Summerschool: Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence. From 7-11 August 2017

As part of the annual Radboud Summer School at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, we will be offering a course on peer relationships in childhood and adolescence. This will be a week-long research-based seminar that is primarily aimed at (research) master students and graduate students. The course will be taught by the members of the Peer Relations Lab at Radboud University (peerlab). The Radboud Summer School is a very well-supported summer program that offers a broad set of introductory and advanced courses and provides housing, meals, and a social program at very reasonable costs.

Peers are powerful socialization agents, contributing well beyond the collective influences of family, school and neighborhood. This highly interactive course focuses on the importance of peers for child development. During this course you will have ample opportunity to learn about the past, present and future of peer relations research. You will also learn to use state of the art research measures and paradigms to assess peer relations and interactions. Course leader: Prof. dr. Toon Cillessen.
European Course Credits (2 ects) can be given for participation.

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