Two Vici awards for developmental research

Vici is one of the largest grants for individuals in the Netherlands and targets advanced researchers. The funding enables the scientists to set up their own innovative line of research and put together their own research group.

When Mommy and Daddy Get Under Your Skin…
Prof. G. (Geertjan) Overbeek (m), UvA – Pedagogics

This research examines whether parents can get under their children’s skins. By using effective parenting interventions for families at risk, the researchers aim to enrich parenting to such an extent that it leads to changes in gene expression. This potentially predicts improved stress reactivity and less disruptive behavior in children.

How gut bacteria and stress shape child development
Prof.dr. C. (Carolina) de Weerth (f), RU – Developmental Psychology

Intestinal bacteria are essential for health, and as recently shown in animals, probably also affect our brain and behavior. Researchers will find out how intestinal bacteria affect typical human development, from infancy till adolescence, by investigating how bacteria colonize the intestines, in situations with more or less early life stress.

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