During this year’s VNOP conference we are organizing a new way of meeting up with fellow developmental psychologists: Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The SIGs provide a small group of researchers with the time to talk in-depth about a particular topic; for example to discuss promising developments, current challenges and fruitful research directions.

  • Each SIG will include a maximum of 5-6 persons;
  • SIGs will be held on both Tuesday 15th or Wednesday 16th May during the lunch (60 minutes);
  • Each SIG will have a theme/topic and one person will ‘lead’ a SIG;
  • We (the VNOP organizing committee) will facilitate SIG meetings by arranging lunch tables where the group members can get together to talk;
  • The content and structure of the SIGs is up to the group members. If you ‘lead’ a SIG it would be helpful to prepare a few questions/issues that can be discussed beforehand.


These SIG topics and associated ‘leaders’ have already been established:

  1. The First 1,000 days (dr. C. de Weerth; on Tuesday 15th May)
  2. Analyzing Intra-individual Change (dr. S. Kunnen; on Tuesday 15th May)
  3. Small Sample Size Solutions (dr. R. van de Schoot; on Wednesday 16th May)
  4. History of Developmental Psychology (dr. J. Burman; on Wednesday 16th May)
  5. Pre-registration in large longitudinal (secondary) datasets (dr. Eeske. an Roekel; Wednesday 16th May)

Here are suggestions for other topics: Developmental Psychopathology, Longitudinal Analysis Methodology, Development of Self and Identity. SIGs do not have to be restricted to research but can also be, for example, on a specific topic related to Teaching or Publications (think of e.g., Open Access Publications).

If you are interested you can:

  • Register for participation in one of the three SIGs named above. Note that because there is a maximum number of persons per SIG persons will be assigned to these SIGs on a first come first served basis.
  • Suggest a new topic/theme. If you suggest a new topic, we will then ask you to lead the SIG.


If you are interested in taking part in a SIG or would like to put forward your own topic for a SIG then please email Anne Miers:

In your email makes sure that you indicate:

  • Either the name of the SIG topic/theme you would like to participate in; OR
  • A new SIG theme and your preferred day to lead the SIG: Tuesday 15th or Wednesday 16th May

Please note: the deadline for suggesting a new SIG theme is Monday 16th April.

We will update this page with the SIG topics, corresponding day, and SIG members on a regular basis.