During this year’s VNOP we are organizing a new way of meeting up with fellow developmental psychologists: Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The SIGs provide a small group of researchers with the time to talk in-depth about a particular topic; for example to discuss promising developments, current challenges and fruitful research directions.

  • Each SIG will include a maximum of 5-6 persons;
  • SIGs will be held on both Tuesday 15th or Wednesday 16th May during the lunch (60 minutes);
  • Each SIG will have a theme/topic and one person will ‘lead’ a SIG;
  • We (the VNOP organizing committee) will facilitate SIG meetings by arranging lunch tables where the group members can get together to talk;
  • The content and structure of the SIGs is up to the group members. If you ‘lead’ a SIG it would be helpful to prepare a few questions/issues that can be discussed beforehand.

These SIG topics and associated ‘leaders’ will take place during VNOP:

Tuesday 15th May

  1. The First 1,000 days (dr. C. de Weerth) – 1 place left!

Topics include:

– how many pregnancy/baby research groups in the Netherlands?

– diversity of specializations and topics?

– can we profit from each other?

– how to optimize information and expertise exchange with small efforts and large gains?

– how to collaborate for grants, review papers, opinion papers, policy lobbying…

2. Analyzing Intra-individual Change (dr. S. Kunnen) FULL

The SIG is meant for researchers who study individual development by following individuals over time. The aim of the SIG is the exchange of knowledge about how to collect intensive time series of data, the type of phenomena that can be investigated in individual  time series, the methods needed for that, and the way in which questions about generalization can be handled.

3. A joint (VNOP) Summerschool for international students (dr. H. Bakker) – places available

With increasing student mobility and ‘internationalisation’ of master programs, the diversity in bachelor curricula becomes more apparent. In order to increase the opportunity for students to be admitted to and succesfully complete a master program in ‘clinical’ developmental / child and adolescent Psychology, we will explore the possibilities of a joint Summerschool, bridging existing gaps  between (international) bachelor and (Dutch) master programs. 

Wednesday 16th May


4. Pre-registration in large longitudinal (secondary) datasets (dr. Eeske. van Roekel) FULL

Preregistration of research is becoming increasingly important in the broader field of Psychology (see for more info) and is slowly becoming more mainstream in Developmental Psychology as well. Still, preregistration is less straightforward when using large existing datasets, which is often the case in our field. In this SIG, we will discuss how to preregister when using these large, existing datasets.   

5. Science of Teaching and Learning (dr. Y. van Beek) – places available

Teachers are always interested in improving the effectiveness of their teaching. In Educational Sciences there is a lot of information on effectiveness of teaching methods. But still, we would like to find out if it also works for our own course and our own teaching goals.  How can we measure whether new teaching methods and/or teaching tools (e-modules etc.) are effective? Student-evaluations are often not very reliable and usually  do not measure explicit learning goals. So, what else can we do in order to measure whether new methods result in more effective learning and/or higher level outcomes (or more effective teaching)?


The SIGs about Small Sample Size Solutions (dr. R. van de Schoot) and History of Developmental Psychology (dr. J. Burman) –  have been cancelled