Blogging and Mailing VNOP eNewsletter

If you want to send out your announcement, question, call, etc. to all colleagues via the eNewsletter, first have you message placed on the blog (on the entry page for

We aim to have at least one person in each university group with the permission to place messages on the blogroll. Below is a list of those who have such rights. If you want yourself removed or added to that list please send an email to the

All messages relevant to subscribers of the list are welcome. Please first try to contact your local representative and ask her or him to help you upload your message. Only if this does not work contact

Once enough new messages have been placed on the blog, a new eNewsletter containing excerpts of the latest new blog entries will be send out. The idea is to do this automatically, but so far is still done by hand because e.g. messages of urgent nature had to be sent out immediately. These excerpt are very brief but contain easy links to the full message on the blog page.

However, in special cases we can sent a eMessage (which is a single topic longer email). In that case contact

Anna van Duijvenvoorde
Berna Güroglu
Bianca Boyer
Carolina de Weerth
Helle Larsen
Jochem Spaans
Luc Goossens
Maaike Zeguers
Marieke Buil
Reinout Wiers
Sabine Peters
Sander Begeer
Saskia Kunnen
Tamara Schleepen
Theo Klimstra