Courses for VNOP phd’s offered by Dutch Universities have been collected here:


Please note that, as a general requirement, external PhD candidates can enroll in a course only if there are vacant spots, and only if the teacher of the course agrees.


University of Amsterdam

The graduate school of psychology at the University of Amsterdam offers research master courses in which PhD’s are able to participate, Costs are 150 euro per EC.

For course offerings, see: courses University of Amsterdam

Maastricht University

At the University of Maastricht, VNOP PhDs are able to enroll in research master courses, free of charge.

For course offerings, see: Courses Maastricht University

Utrecht University

The graduate school of Utrecht University, offers courses that may be relevant for PhD’s.

For course offerings and associated costs, see: Courses Utrecht University

Radboud University

The Research Master Behavioural Science of the Radboud University offers courses that may be relevant for PhD’s at € 60,00 per EC.

For course offerings, see: Courses BSI Radboud University


At the VU, PhD’s can enroll in research master courses as offered by the graduate school. Information about costs is available upon request.

For course offerings, see: Courses VU

Interuniversity graduate school of Psychometrics and Sociometrics (IOPS)

VNOP PhD’s can enroll in courses offered by IOPS if they meet the entrance requirements. Information about costs is available upon request.

For course offerings, see: Courses IOPS


VNOP is planning to organize a special hands-on statistics course on longitudinal data analysis, in Utrecht, for 3 or 4 days. Reactions and request are welcome.


Please note that the information provided here is aimed at  helping PhD’s gain quick access to information from the Universities/Graduate schools. This is not a complete overview of all possible courses. Additionally, the information may be subject to changes, and no legal rights can be derived from the information provided here.

Supplementary information is more than welcome. Please send your reaction to or to Alithe van den Akker.

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