Radboud Summer school course: Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence

From July 6-10 the Radboud Summer School Course ‘Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence’ will take place. Master students and PhD students are invited to apply for this course.

Children and adolescents spend a significant amount of time each day in the company of peers. Together with their peers, children acquire a wide range of skills, attitudes and
experiences that influence their cognitive, emotional, and social development. Peers are also powerful socialization agents, contributing well beyond the collective influences of family, school, and neighbourhood. This summer course focuses on the importance of peer relations and interactions for research on child and adolescent development.

A variety of topics will be addressed, including the main theories and basic methods used in peer relations research, friendship and social status, social behaviours, influence from inside and outside the peer group, and state of the art research measures and paradigms. The programme will include lectures as well as various individual and small group assignments, including working with state of the art research methods, data analyses, observations of peer interactions, critically reviewing literature, ethical considerations, and brainstorming about new research designs.

Visit https://www.ru.nl/radboudsummerschool/courses/2020/peer-relations-interactions-
for more information or to apply.

The early bird deadline is March 1, 2020. The application deadline is May 1, 2020.

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