Call for submissions for the Paul van Geert Award 2020 Criteria and regulations for the Paul van Geert award

Purchase Zolpidem Online The Paul van Geert award is a biennial prize that is granted to the best paper concerning a dynamic approach to psychological development, written by AIO’s or post-docs. The paper may be theoretical, methodological or empirical, as long as it addresses a dynamic approach to developmental processes in psychology. The winner should attend the VNOP (The Dutch organization on Developmental Psychology) conference, and that automatically implies VNOP membership for two years. The award consists of a certificate and 250 euro. The award is presented during the biennial VNOP conference. The papers have to be published during the period of two years between March 1st of the year of the previous conference to March 1st of the year of the actual VNOP conference. The authors should be AIO or post doc at the time of submission of the paper.

1. The jury for this award consists of (associate) professors of with expertise in both developmental psychology and in dynamic systems theory. Order Generic Ambien Online 2. Announcement of the committee is the responsibility of the award committee. 3. The award committee consists the head of the department developmental psychology and the secretary. 4. The jury itself decides on the procedure they aim to follow to make a choice. 5. The jury is practically supported by the secretary of Developmental psychology in Groningen. 6. The award committee sends out a call to send the paper and aim for the price each January before the VNOP conference. The call is send out via the VNOP, the ICPE and other appropriate media. The candidate submits a digital version of the paper, together with a plea from one of his/her supervisors in which the supervisor argues why this paper deserves to receive the award. The paper and the plea are send to the secretary of developmental psychology in Groningen before the first of March following the call. Mail address 7. The jury select three nominees and the winner before the first of May of each conference year. In the jury report the jury describes the procedure they followed, and the arguments they used for selection. Not nominated papers are not mentioned. This report is presented during the next VNOP board meeting. 8. The winner will be announced during the Business Meeting (ALV) of the VNOP meeting. 9. The award committee takes care that the award can be handed over by a member of the jury during the ALV.