Empathie: Typische En Atypische Ontwikkeling

Dr. Minet de Wied, onderzoeker aan de Universiteit Utrecht, organiseert op dinsdag 28 november het symposium “Empathie: Typische en atypische ontwikkeling”.


https://mysteryscenemag.com/1hgt3vslm >>Download the Flyer here<<

https://realtalk93.com/cyr53lhqex Het symposium is voor professionals uit het forensisch veld die meer willen weten over empathie, empathieproblemen en het meten van empathie. Zes onderzoekers van verschillende instellingen presenteren hun inzichten op het gebied van empathie (zie flyer voor het programma).


Het symposium vindt plaats van 12:30 tot 17:00 op dinsdag 28 november in de Boothzaal op de Uithof van de Universiteit Utrecht (Heidelberglaan 3, Utrecht). Het symposium is gratis toegankelijk. Accreditatie wordt aangevraagd. Aanmelden kan via secretariaatpedagogiek@uu.nl.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Namens dr. Minet de Wied.

Small Sample Size Solutions

http://seeksmusic.com/uz0113j If you suffer from, or if you have solutions to small sample size issues, Utrecht is the place to be between March 6-7, 2018  during our S4 conference.

https://www.walkablejenkintown.com/latest-news/n7ckxh5kyg Key-note presenters are Joop Hox (small cluster size in multilevel models), Patrick Onghena and Marija Maric (both on single case designs).

Cheap Ambien Cr Pre-/post- conference workshops are on introducing Bayesian statistics (Rens van de Schoot) and its possible solutions for small sample issues in mediation analyses (Milica Miočević), multilevel models (Dan McNeish) and growth models (Sarah Depaoli).

https://mysteryscenemag.com/racu7fhwd7 The deadline for applying to give a talk is November 1, 2017. For more details, see the Call for Abstracts tab of the website: www.uu.nl/s4

Buy Zolpidem Overnight Curious about how much fun our conferences in Utrecht are? See the impressions of our previous event at https://www.rensvandeschoot.com/mplus-videos/

https://wholesomefoodsinc.com/fhwbykt Hope to see you in Utrecht!

https://www.elcys.com/7lnypuxfyi The organizing committee:

Rens van de Schoot Milica Miočević Sarah Depaoli Dan McNeish Sanne Smid

https://dreamdiner.com/4xshar5jb Marianne Geelhoed (conference secretariat)

MPlus Users Meeting Utrecht

http://www.copleys.net/atbdv90 The program of the 7th Mplus Users Meeting is now available via  http://ledra.ac.cy/xcw3km37i http://mplus.fss.uu.nl/upcoming-meetings/

https://www.dynamiccontrols.com/xb7s3yxvj The meeting is organized at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) on Wednesday 13th of January 2016 with a pre-conference workshop on January 12 by David Kaplan introducing Bayesian statistics.

http://seeksmusic.com/8kz3qn7 Registration is now open! (Note the number of places is limited!)

Zolpidem 10Mg To Buy For questions, send us an email at  https://dreamdiner.com/ixdjmi7mzq Mplus.user.meetings@uu.nl

https://www.elcys.com/s3jq98sekb2 Hope to see you in Utrecht! Joop Hox, Jan Boom, Peter Lugtig, Rens van de Schoot

Lecture by Prof. dr. Margaret Burchinal

On February 12, 15.45-16.45, Prof. dr. Margaret Burchinal from the FPG Child Development Institute of the University of North Carolina will visit the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Utrecht University to give a presentation about early child care and education.

https://dreamdiner.com/fjgjhgt40k Prof. dr. Margaret Burchinal is a leading researcher and statistician in child care research. She has demonstrated that high quality child care may be especially important in reducing racial and economic gaps at entry to school. During her presentation she will discuss findings from some of the child care studies of the past 30 years and the extent to which each substantially affected policy or practice.

Buy Zolpidem Online The presentation will be at the Langeveld building (Heidelberglaan 1), in the Faculteitskamer (E 3.14). If you would like to attend the meeting, please send an e-mail to Zolpidem Buy Buy Real Zolpidem Martine Broekhuizen ( M.L.broekhuizen@uu.nl https://www.glasshousecountry.com/n2x7qe6tz ).

Vacancy – Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology and Psychopathology Utrecht

https://www.glasshousecountry.com/cfd115zi8 You will be employed in the Department of Developmental Psychology of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Utrecht University. Research and teaching at the Department of Developmental Psychology centres on the issue of how the development of individuals is determined by the interaction between persons and their environment, and what factors contribute to a problematic development. The department studies the individual differences in a ‘normal’ and a problematic development in coherence while focusing on risk and protective factors during this development. The department also studies the diagnostics and effectiveness of (preventive) interventions in this field.
More info here