First Publications in New Open Access Journal “Jeugd in Ontwikkeling”

The first article of the scientific journal “Jeugd in Ontwikkeling”  has been published and the next two are on the way! Read about the benefits of youth work for young people in youth care (Sonneveld et al., 2021), about how conversations with children help to prevent the development of a hostile interpretation style (Van Dijk et al., 2022) and about the evaluation of the program STOP4-7 (De Mooij et al., 2022). The articles can be found at:

Jeugd in Ontwikkeling is a magazine about pedagogy, psychology and psychiatry for 0-23 year olds. The magazine offers researchers and professionals in parenting support, youth care, youth protection and rehabilitation, youth mental health care, (special) education and youth work access to scientific knowledge. Want to stay informed? Go to the registration page on the site and receive an alert when the next article of this rolling journal appears.

Jeugd in Ontwikkeling is a diamond open access magazine. Scientific knowledge is freely available in this way: publishing and downloading articles is free.

As editors we are proud of the new magazine. Thanks to the #UvAopenaccessfonds and the Dutch Developmental Psychology Association (#VNOP) for making the magazine possible.

Do you want to submit an article? The guidelines can be found at

The editors are currently looking for new members too. Interested? Then you can register by sending an email to Prof. Leonieke Boendermaker (