2016-11-10/11 Leiden VNOP-CAS-ISED PhDDay

Buy Zolpidem Online Usa Dear colleagues of VNOP, CAS, and ISED,


We are very pleased to announce the https://wholesomefoodsinc.com/afw8ef0h VNOP-ISED-CAS Research Days 2016 November 10 & 11!


https://www.haighousing.org.uk/3me4wd320xl Ambien Cr To Buy https://mysteryscenemag.com/rbqpiajfs Registration is still open for research master students through this form: http://www.copleys.net/ea4bolm6rr https://leidenuniv.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6sANmRYWdWokuxL

For research master students: registration will be confirmed after payment of the registration fee of € 10. Tickets are sold on a first come, first serve basis.


https://a-c-e.org.uk/89lr3p3qd3m General info about the program http://hifa.org/i65bdaoeyj The Research Days are organized as a learning event for PhD students, therefore starting PhD students are also encouraged to present a poster with their research design or plan. Also, with several big international conferences coming up in 2017, the Research Days provide an excellent opportunity to practice your presentation skills and test the waters with you findings. See the link provided below for the preliminary program.

Preliminary Program: https://www.dynamiccontrols.com/ouljp9s Buy Zolpidem Online Australia VNOP-ISED-CAS Research Days 2016_Preliminary Program

http://ledra.ac.cy/dzmxsjhmup Kind Regards, http://ledra.ac.cy/ujdlqu24m The organizing team of the 2016 Research Daysvnoplogo