The site is public and all information is assessable to everyone: you don’t need to be a member to assess the news on this site, and you can subscribe to the free VNOP eNewsletter too without having to become a member.


The VNOP is a society with individual members. Everyone with an academic interest in developmental psychology in the broadest sense can become member.

Membership benefits

  • Only members can vote
  • Only members are eligible for functions in the VNOP
  • You have to become a member to participate in the activities of the VNOP (the Conference, the LabVisits, The PhD days, etc.).

To register use the link here to go to


More information about membership (and historic changes)

Due to technical problems the site was deactivated in februari 2108. After the last safety update the registration process malfunctioned (for new registrations for the conference). We had to buy completely new software and moved to We are going to use PayPal payments only (this makes payments for not Dutch banks possible, and is easier to integrate into the website, and is safer for the VNOP). Members who have paid recently will be transferred to the new module (and get a personal message, don’t worry).

VNOP is a society (vereniging) with individual members. However, the core of the society is formed by all departments of Developmental Psychology and some departments of Pedagogics in the Netherlands or Flanders.

Up to 2015 we used to have a system in which this registration fee for all employees of the supporting departments was paid by these departments collectively. However, this is not allowed anymore in all institutions, due to fiscal and other regulations. Therefore, the VNOP has decided that, from 1st of January 2016 onwards, members have to make an individual payment to the VNOP.

We kept the cost as low as possible: we hope you can get it refunded from your department. You are advised to combine paying your membership dues together with cost for an activity you would like to take part in. Such as the conference 2018.