Postdoc in Developmental Psychology at Utrecht University Ambien Uk Buy Postdoc in Developmental Psychology (ERC project ‘GREENTEENS: Understanding and unleashing adolescents’ eco-friendly behavior’) 

Job level: PhD
Department of Developmental Psychology
Duration of the contract: 5 years
0.8 FTE
Application deadline: 12 June 2020 More information: Dear VNOP Community,

The VNOP Executive Board and the VNOP 2020 Conference Organizers convened on Wednesday March 18 to address the obvious need, in light of the COVID19 pandemic, for us to decide on the fate of our upcoming May conference. Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel this year’s conference, including the preconference workshop. We are aware that many of you have already put in a lot of work in sending abstracts for presentations and posters. We appreciate all the submissions, about which many of you have actually received mails just last week. We definitely do not want to see all the intellectual work, as well as the practical work that the conference organizers have put into the preparations, go to waste. Our hope is to keep the exciting program—invited and refereed—in place and to convene next year in May 2021. Of course we need to work out the details (including opening a call for additional proposals) and will let you know more about the planning as soon as we have figured it out.

Ambien Prices Online  
Please be patient as we pursue our options. We are on this and will stay in touch. 
Warmly & hoping you stay safe,

Berna Güroğlu, VNOP Chair
On behalf of the VNOP Executive Board and the VNOP 2020 Conference Organizers

Symposium: Like me, or else … Social-cognitive development in childhood and adolescence Time: Friday afternoon, March 13

Location: Boerhaave Museum, Leiden This symposium is being organised to celebrate the PhD defence of Michelle Achterberg, who will defend her thesis on March 12 at Leiden University. During the symposium, two international star speakers will give a keynote – and it will be a fantastic day to dive into social and cognitive development. Tentative schedule:

13.00-13.30: Dr. Anna van Duijvenvoorde (Leiden University) 

13.30-14.15: Prof. Dr. Leah Somerville  (Harvard University) 

14.45-15.30: Dr. Margaret Sheridan (University of North Carolina) 

15.30-16.00: Prof. Dr. Eveline Crone

16:00+ :  Drinks!

The number of seats is limited, so please do register through the link if you’d like to attend

PhD defence: Like me, or else…Nature, nurture and neural mechanisms of social emotion regulation in childhood

In her dissertation work, Michelle Achterberg provides a comprehensive overview of the underlying mechanisms of social emotion regulation in childhood. The studies within her thesis show that the brain is prone to signal for socially relevant information. Her work reveals that the network of social saliency is already present in childhood, indicating that this might be a core social mechanism.

The thesis additionally shows that social rejection is often followed by behavioral aggression, and regulation of these retaliation emotions is related to control mechanisms of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Moreover, the results show that the vast architecture of functional subcortical-prefrontal brain connectivity is already in place in middle childhood and suggest fine tuning of (social evaluation) brain networks across childhood. These findings highlighting the need to incorporate childhood into developmental models of social emotion regulation. Michelle Achterberg will defend her dissertation during a public defence on March 12 at 16:15-17:00 at Leiden University.

For more information, please see the Leiden university website.

Here you can have access to the e-book of the dissertation.

PhD defence: Emotions and Psychosocial development of Children with and without Developmental Language Disorder

Children and adolescents with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) are at increased risk for the development of psychosocial problems compared to their peers without DLD. There is much individual variation within the group of children with DLD regarding their level and development of psychosocial problems. However, there is no systematic relationship between the severity of children’s communication problems and their psychosocial problems. 

In her dissertation work Neeltje van den Bedem aimed to gain better understanding of risk and protective factors for the development of psychosocial problems of children with DLD.

Neeltje van den Bedem will defend her dissertation during a public defence on Buy Zolpidem Europe March 4 at 15:00-15:45 at Leiden University.

For more information, please see the Leiden university website.

Here you can have access to the e-book of the dissertation.

Two vacancies for PhD candidates Developmental Psychology Radboud University

We are looking for two ambitious, enthusiastic and highly capable PhD students who will investigate peer relationships in emerging adulthood in the context of a 20-year ongoing longitudinal study. The aim of the project is to examine the nature and correlates of different types of peer relationships (e.g., friends and romantic partners) in emerging adulthood. Transactional associations between peer relationships and social functioning, health, and adjustment will be investigated across development. Furthermore, social skills of emerging adults will be assessed using experimental small group observations. This research is funded by the NWO Open Competition SGW and embedded in the Social Development programme at the Behavioural Science Institute (BSI) of Radboud University in Nijmegen.Applicants should have a strong affinity with scientific research as well as excellent social and organizational skills. The project offers the opportunity to receive doctoral training at one of the leading academic communities in the Netherlands and work with state-of-the-art research facilities of the BSI.

For more information: see or email Prof. Cillessen: Deadline: March 24, 2020

Call for submissions VNOP 2020 Dissertation Award

The VNOP announces the 2020 dissertation award!

This biennial price is awarded to the best dissertation written by VNOP members, with at least one of the supervisors being also a VNOP member. Eligible are candidates who defended/are going to defend their dissertation between March 1, 2018 and March 1, 2020. The winner will receive a certificate and 250 euro.

The award will be presented during the upcoming VNOP conference, which takes place on May 19-20, 2020 at hotel CASA in Amsterdam (for more information, see

Candidates should submit the following materials before March 1, 2020 by e-mail to
– A digital version of their dissertation,
– A plea of one of their (co-) promotors of why the candidate deserves the award.

Please visit for more details on this award, or mail Roseriet Beijers ( We are looking forward to receiving your nominations!

Call for submissions for the Paul van Geert Award 2020

Criteria and regulations for the Paul van Geert award

The Paul van Geert award is a biennial prize that is granted to the best paper concerning a dynamic approach to psychological development, written by AIO’s or post-docs. The paper may be theoretical, methodological or empirical, as long as it addresses a dynamic approach to developmental processes in psychology. The winner should attend the VNOP (The Dutch organization on Developmental Psychology) conference, and that automatically implies VNOP membership for two years.
The award consists of a certificate and 250 euro.
The award is presented during the biennial VNOP conference. The papers have to be published during the period of two years between March 1st of the year of the previous conference to March 1st of the year of the actual VNOP conference. The authors should be AIO or post doc at the time of submission of the paper.

1. The jury for this award consists of (associate) professors of with expertise in both developmental psychology and in dynamic systems theory.
2. Announcement of the committee is the responsibility of the award committee.
3. The award committee consists the head of the department developmental psychology and the secretary.
4. The jury itself decides on the procedure they aim to follow to make a choice.
5. The jury is practically supported by the secretary of Developmental psychology in Groningen.
6. The award committee sends out a call to send the paper and aim for the price each January before the VNOP conference. The call is send out via the VNOP, the ICPE and other appropriate media. The candidate submits a digital version of the paper, together with a plea from one of his/her supervisors in which the supervisor argues why this paper deserves to receive the award. The paper and the plea are send to the secretary of developmental psychology in Groningen before the first of March following the call.
Mail address
7. The jury select three nominees and the winner before the first of May of each conference year. In the jury report the jury describes the procedure they followed, and the arguments they used for selection. Not nominated papers are not mentioned. This report is presented during the next VNOP board meeting.
8. The winner will be announced during the Business Meeting (ALV) of the VNOP meeting.
9. The award committee takes care that the award can be handed over by a member of the jury during the ALV.

Radboud Summer school course: Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence

From July 6-10 the Radboud Summer School Course ‘Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence’ will take place. Master students and PhD students are invited to apply for this course.

Children and adolescents spend a significant amount of time each day in the company of peers. Together with their peers, children acquire a wide range of skills, attitudes and
experiences that influence their cognitive, emotional, and social development. Peers are also powerful socialization agents, contributing well beyond the collective influences of family, school, and neighbourhood. This summer course focuses on the importance of peer relations and interactions for research on child and adolescent development.

A variety of topics will be addressed, including the main theories and basic methods used in peer relations research, friendship and social status, social behaviours, influence from inside and outside the peer group, and state of the art research measures and paradigms. The programme will include lectures as well as various individual and small group assignments, including working with state of the art research methods, data analyses, observations of peer interactions, critically reviewing literature, ethical considerations, and brainstorming about new research designs.

for more information or to apply.

The early bird deadline is March 1, 2020. The application deadline is May 1, 2020.

Call for submission deadline extended until January 24th! VNOP Conference 2020 – call for abstracts

May 19th – 20th at ‘Hotel Casa Amsterdam’

We invite you to contribute to the upcoming conference of the ‘Vereniging Nederlandse Ontwikkelingspsychologie’.

Order Zolpidem From Canada Deadline for submissions is 24th of January 2020.

You can submit the following types of contributions:

  1. A complete symposium
  2. An individual paper presentation (Flash Talk)
  3. An individual poster presentation

A symposium should consist of 3 paper submissions and a discussion led by a 4th contributor or 4 paper submissions. Researchers presenting in the symposium should be from at least 2 different universities.

In addition to the symposia, submission is also open for individual presentations. These will be scheduled to present their paper in the format of a Flash Talk (5 minute presentations with 5 slides maximum; more detailed information on Flash Talk presentations will follow).

Conference attendees are allowed to submit 1 paper presentation (either in a symposium or a single paper presentation) and 1 poster presentation. We want to emphasize that both Ordering Zolpidem Tartrate senior and junior researchers (including Research Master students) are encouraged to submit!

Information you will need to fill in for abstract submission is: name(s), affiliation(s) (of all contributors and discussant if applicable), email address of presenting author(s), submission title, keywords (max. 5), an abstract (max 250 words) for each presentation or poster, and an integrative abstract (max 250 words) in case of a symposium.

Decisions will be announced by March 1st 2020.

For more information about the conference:

For submissions go to:

Questions? Please e-mail the conference organization at:

Kind regards from the VNOP 2020 conference organization,

Helle Larsen, Brenda Jansen, Bianca Boyer, Ana da Silva Pinho & Scarlett Slagter

Call for Proposals 46th AME Meeting

Zolpidem Online Australia 46th AME Meeting, Ottawa, Oct 29-31, 2020

Morality, Environmental Sustainability, and Education
Preserving the natural environment is a moral issue. But how can the appeal to moral values effectively counter climate change, loss of biodiversity, environmental pollution and other degradations of the natural environment in wake of the Anthropocene? The Association for Moral Education invites researchers, practitioners and activists to engage in a critical dialogue in order to better align moral and civic education with the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. While connections between environmental sustainability and morality are multitude, the fields of environmental, moral and civic education, have been largely separated up to date. This split is unfortunate as it prevents researchers and practitioners from exploiting synergies in linking these fields. What moral foundations and value-orientations best support environmental education? How can moral and environmental education inform each other with regard to best practices? How can educators exploit synergies, so that instances of civic education become opportunities for environmental education and vice versa? These are leading questions to be explored during the conference. Submissions are invited from a broad range of disciplines including but not limited to anthropology, education, environmental studies, indigenous studies, philosophy, psychology, political sciences and sociology. In addition to engagement with the main conference theme, submissions on any topic of moral education are welcome as part of the general conference program.

The conference will be hosted at University of Ottawa.
For further details about the conference venue and program go to
Organizers: Tobias Krettenauer & Stuart Hammond

Important Dates – Proposal submission deadline: April 5, 2020 –
Notification of acceptance: June 7, 2020 – Early bird registration ends: September 13, 2020


Hackers have had access to this website in early January. Not much harm was done (well…hundreds of silly posts), nevertheless, it seemed wise to temporarily deletes all users having blog rights. Rights will be restored upon request, please email the webmaster.

VNOP Lab Visit 2020, January 16th

Dear VNOP members,

The four research groups participating in the Utrecht Center for Child and Adolescent Studies (CAS) are pleased to invite you to the VNOP Lab Visit at Utrecht University! The lab visit is scheduled on Thursday 16 January 2020 between approximately 9:30h-16:30h, in the Langeveld Building at Utrecht Science Park. We will offer you different demos of our research at CAS, such as a coding scheme for observed prosocial behavior in children and monkeys, Virtual Reality methods, a social interaction task for toddlers, and an app to facilitate children’s disclosure of sexual abuse experiences to their therapists. Prof. Catrin Finkenauer will give a keynote lecture on interdisciplinary challenges in youth research. In addition, there are two interactive panel sessions; 1) how to conduct research among hard-to-reach target groups, and 2) solutions for challenges in interdisciplinary research. The day will end with drinks. All participants are invited to bring a poster of their own research (it does not have to be ‘new work’, it could also be an existing poster e.g., that you recently presented at a conference) and present it during the drinks reception. Preliminary program VNOP Lab Visit (a more detailed program will be provided in January)

9:30-10:00: Registration (including coffee/tea and cookies)

10:00-10:20: Welcome and introduction (prof. Susan Branje)

10:30-12:25: Research demos

12:30-13:30: Lunch (provided)

13:30-14:15: Keynote: interdisciplinary challenges in youth research (prof. Catrin Finkenauer)

14:30-15:30: Interactive panel sessions

                        1) How to conduct research among hard-to-reach target groups

                        2) Solutions for challenges in interdisciplinary research

15:30-16:30: Drinks and poster session Sign up now!

Attending this day is free of charge, but we recommend strongly to become a member of the VNOP (25 euro for two years). If you want to attend, you can fill out the online application form. You have to make a free VNOP account, log in, and access the application form. Do not forget to indicate whether you will be bringing a poster you would like to present during the drinks at the end of the program. If you have any further questions, please contact the organizing committee ( Please sign up before January 8th. Sign up link: Sorry Full

We hope to see you all on January 16th, 2020!

The organizing committee,

Susan Branje (Pedagogy: Youth and Family, Director of CAS)
Joyce Endendijk (Pedagogy: Clinical Child and Family Studies)
Ina Koning (Interdisciplinary Social Science: Youth Studies)
Stefanie Nelemans (Pedagogy: Youth and Family)
Astrid Poorthuis (Developmental Psychology)

Jean Piaget Society Conf. 2020

New deadline: January 15, 2020 JPS 2020 — CELEBRATING 50 YEARS CONSTRUCTIVISM

Cynthia Lightfoot, Ulrich Müller, & Cintia Rodríguez, organizers Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel

Dear Friends of the Jean Piaget Society, We have extended the Submission Deadline for our 50th Annual Meeting. Submissions will continue to accepted until January 15, 2020.
You can find everything you need to create a program proposal here:

Submission Forms