2017 biennial meeting of the International Society for Research in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (ISRCAP)

the 2017 biennial meeting of the International Society for Research in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (ISRCAP) which will be held June 28 – July 1, 2017 at Hotel Casa Amsterdam, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The theme of this upcoming meeting is “Early Childhood Psychopathology: Neural Markers, Sensitive Periods and Interventions”. However, the meeting offers a broad selection of symposia, poster sessions and keynote talks (by prof. dr. Charles Nelson, prof. dr. Lynne Murray, and prof. dr. Marinus van IJzendoorn). For more information on the schedule see here. Information about registration and fees can be found here.


save-the-date VNOP-ISED-CAS Research Days 23-24 november 2017

Dear members of VNOP, ISED and CAS,

We are happy to announce that the boards of VNOP, ISED, and CAS have decided to organize the joint Research Days this year as well. The 2017 VNOP-ISED-CAS Research days will take place on November 23 and 24  in Utrecht! Please mark these dates in your calendar!

We are currently putting together an interesting mix of workshops and dotting the i’s with the location. You can expect to receive the call for abstracts within a few weeks, registration will open in July. The abstract deadline will be on Monday October 2nd, so that we have ample time to match speakers and chairs in the symposia and for timely communication to the speakers.

We will keep you informed through e-mail on the planning and the program. Should you have any questions, please contact us at vicresearchdays@gmail.com.

We hope to see you all in November!

Kind regards,

The organizing team of the VNOP-ISED-CAS Research Days

Vacancy for PhD student ‘Epigenetics (Methylation) and Loneliness in Adolescence’ at KU Leuven

Research at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (PPW)(http://www.kuleuven.be/faculteiten/ppw/onderzoek) comprises two broad disciplines, that is, psychology and educational sciences.
Within the Faculty and for a consortium headed by Prof. Luc Goossens (School Psychology and Development in Context) we are looking for a highly motivated Ph. D. student for a ground-breaking research project on gene methylation and the development of loneliness in adolescence.
Pursuing a PhD within the Faculty PPW means that you will be part of a young and dynamic environment. You will have to deal with some autonomy, but you will also be supported by the team and other members of the faculty.
Preparing the PhD is the main objective. In addition, you will also be partly involved in the educational curriculum organized by the faculty.

Click here for the full vacancy text: Job offer Ph D Leuven

annual Radboud Summerschool: Peer Relations and Interactions in Childhood and Adolescence. From 7-11 August 2017

As part of the annual Radboud Summer School at Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, we will be offering a course on peer relationships in childhood and adolescence. This will be a week-long research-based seminar that is primarily aimed at (research) master students and graduate students. The course will be taught by the members of the Peer Relations Lab at Radboud University (peerlab). The Radboud Summer School is a very well-supported summer program that offers a broad set of introductory and advanced courses and provides housing, meals, and a social program at very reasonable costs.

Peers are powerful socialization agents, contributing well beyond the collective influences of family, school and neighborhood. This highly interactive course focuses on the importance of peers for child development. During this course you will have ample opportunity to learn about the past, present and future of peer relations research. You will also learn to use state of the art research measures and paradigms to assess peer relations and interactions. Course leader: Prof. dr. Toon Cillessen.

European Course Credits (2 ects) can be given for participation.

Summer school on neurocognitive methods for infant and toddler research in Utrecht, The Netherlands; Save the dates! July 10-14, 2017

The field of developmental cognitive neuroscience has made great progress over the past decades. To take it to the next level will require codification, innovation and further integration of experimental methodologies and quantitative aspects of data interpretation. The current summer school will acquaint students with a number of methods frequently applied in brain, cognition and behaviour research with infants and toddlers. Specifically, it will sensitize students to issues regarding reliability, replicability, and validity, and have them explore how these issues relate to general and specific susceptibilities of current techniques and quantitative methods.

The summer school will include lectures from experts in various techniques, interactive discussion sessions, student presentations, and a one-day symposium on methodological considerations in infants and toddler research.

Confirmed speakers are:
Celeste Kidd – Behavioral methods and the Goldilocks effect in cognitive research with infants
Jean-Remy Hochmann – Eye tracking and pupillometry in early speech and language perception by infants
Vincent Reid – EEG/ERP research to study the development of visual perception in infants
Sarah Lloyd-Fox/ Anna Blasi – fNIRS for studying social development in infants

Participation is open to students at advanced master or PhD level. Attendance fee will be € 450, including attendance to the summer school, the symposium, the summer school diner, and housing, excluding travel costs.
For more information on the programme and application details please go to: www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/courses/social-sciences/neurocognitive-methods-in-infant-and-toddler-research.

Kind regards,

Carlijn van den Boomen
Brigitta Keij
Frank Wijnen

Dutch Scholars Reception SRCD2017

Kickstart your international research netwerk @ SRCD 2017!

You are cordially invited to attend the Dutch Scholars Reception SRCD 2017
on Friday April 7, 19:00 to 20.00 hours, in Meeting Room 13A (level 4) of the Austin Convention Center 500 E. Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78701.

We would like you to invite international colleagues to come to this reception and mingle with Dutch Scholars. Therefore, we encourage you to take an international colleague with you and attend this event, sponsored by VNOP, ISED, and CAS.

The Dutch Scholars Reception at the 2015 SRCD conference was a huge success and very well attended.

Light snacks and a cash bar will be provided. The luxurious ambiance of the Center implies that drinks will be expensive. Fortunately, thanks to generous gifts of the above-mentioned societies we offer one free drink ticket for each introduce (international attendee; till we run out). So please invite a colleague and if you present them as your guest at the entrance of the room, we give her or him a free drink ticket  with compliments of the Dutch Scholars Societies combined.

All Dutch colleagues are welcome. We have sent out this email to anyone in the SRCD program with a Dutch university affiliation, through the VNOP newsletter engine*. If you are not attending or just not interested, please opt out below. If you are enthusiastic, please leave a reply on the VNOP blog (top right text balloon symbol) and indicate that you are planning to attend (perhaps we need more free tickets). Unlike last time in 2015 you don’t necessarily need to be a member of ISED, VNOP or CAS because it was too much administrative hassle to keep track of it. Feel free to pass this invitation on any Dutch colleague we might have missed.

* Just for convenience and because of temporary technical problems with the ISED newsletter we used the mailer from VNOP. If you speak a few words Dutch we assume you are a Dutch Scholar (which includes Leuven)

Promotie Jeany Slijper: “En wat kan ik dan later worden?”

Promotie op 11 mei, 11:00 in Groningen (Academiegebouw Broerstraat 5)

Promotor Paul van Geert (RuG), copromotoren Saskia Kunnen (RuG) en Jeroen Onstenk (Inholland)

Het proefschrift en de verdediging zijn in het Nederlands. Samenvatting:

Een andere benadering van studiekeuze
Met de dissertatie ‘En wat kan ik dan later worden?’ heeft Slijper promotieonderzoek gedaan naar het studiekeuzeproces van eerstejaars juridische hbo-studenten. De onderzoeker concludeert dat als bij aankomende studenten het toekomstige beroep de belangrijkste reden vormt bij een studiekeuze, het vrij waarschijnlijk is dat dit leidt tot teleurstellingen en studie-uitval. Studenten die  een studiekeuze maken vanwege de inhoud van een studie vallen veel minder uit. In haar onderzoek heeft Slijper 89 hbo-studenten gevolgd in hun keuzeproces. Studiekeuze is niet eenmalig, maar een proces, stelt de onderzoeker. Er is echter weinig onderzoek voorhanden naar dit gehele proces. Zij heeft daarom schoolloopbanen voorafgaand aan en na de overstap naar het hbo in kaart gebracht. Dit onderzoek levert een belangrijke bijdrage aan het begrijpen van wat er gebeurt ‘voor de poort’ (voorafgaand aan de studie) maar ook ‘na de poort’ (in het eerste studiejaar). Hoe ziet zo’n keuzetraject bij juridische hbo-studenten eruit? Is er verschil tussen jongeren die veel bezig zijn te bedenken wat ze willen en wat bij hen past, en jongeren die dit niet doen? Jongeren die hebben deelgenomen aan oriëntatie-activiteiten hebben betere studieresultaten dan degenen die dit niet doen. Naast de koppeling tussen oriëntatie en studiesucces heeft Slijper ook diverse vormen van uitblijvend studiesucces onderzocht, zoals omzwaai en studiestaking. Het onderzoek heeft inzicht geboden in waarom jongeren bepaalde keuzes maken, en waar de knelpunten liggen als het gaat om specifieke groepen. Slijper pleit daarom voor meer onderzoek dat uitgaat van de individuele ontwikkeling van een student, om studiekeuze en studievoortgang beter te kunnen begrijpen.