VNOP Lab visit 2020 Utrecht

The VNOP Lab Visit 2020 at Utrecht University was held on January 16th and was organized by Susan Branje (Pedagogy: Youth and Family, Director of CAS), Joyce Endendijk (Pedagogy: Clinical Child and Family Studies), Ina Koning (Interdisciplinary Social Science: Youth Studies), Stefanie Nelemans (Pedagogy: Youth and Family), and Astrid Poorthuis (Developmental Psychology).

Below you can find the final program.

Program VNOP Lab Visit

9:30-10:00: Registration (including coffee/tea and cookies)

10:00-10:20: Welcome and introduction – Prof. Susan Branje 

10:30-11:25: Research demos round 1

– Rogier Verhoef (Developmental Psychology) “Measuring social information processing using virtual reality”

– Marije van Meegen (Pedagogy: Youth and Family) “A social interaction task for toddlers”

– Henny Tichelaar (Pedagogy: Clinical Child and Family Studies) “An app to facilitate children’s disclosure of sexual abuse experiences to their therapists”

– Margreet de Looze (Interdisciplinary Social Science: Youth Studies) “Translating research findings (e.g., concerning adolescent sexual development) to a newspaper article for the general public”

– Marissa Hofstee & Stefanos Mastrotheodoros (CAS-wide) “YOUth study – The interdisciplinary assessment day for (pre)adolescents in the KinderKennisCentrum”

11:30 -12:25: Research demos round 2

– Sophie Alsem (Developmental Psychology) “Using virtual reality in cognitive behavioral therapy”

– Esther Bernasco & Fatma Isguzarer (Pedagogy: Youth and Family) “Measuring autonomy in a peer-adolescent dilemma task”

– Liesbeth Hallers-Haalboom & Marjolijn Vermande (Pedagogy: Clinical Child and Family Studies) “A coding scheme for observed prosocial behavior in children and monkeys”

– Annabelle Christiaens & Lisanne de Moor (Pedagogy: Youth and Family) “Qualitative identity interview for adolescents”

– Marissa Hofstee & Stefanos Mastrotheodoros (CAS-wide) “YOUth study “The interdisciplinary assessment day for babies in the KinderKennisCentrum”

12:30-13:30: Lunch

13:30-14:15: Keynote: Interdisciplinary challenges in youth research by Prof. Catrin Finkenauer

14:30-15:30: Interactive panel sessions

  1. How to conduct research among hard-to-reach target groups?
    Chairs: Astrid Poorthuis & Joyce Endendijk
    Panel: Ties Fakkel (Interdisciplinary Social Science: Youth Studies), Odilia Laceulle (Developmental Psychology), Zoë Rejaän (Pedagogy: Youth and Family)
  2. Solutions for challenges in interdisciplinary research
    Chairs: Stefanie Nelemans & Ina Koning
    Panel: Andrik Becht (Pedagogy: Youth and Family), Gonneke Stevens (Interdisciplinary Social Science: Youth Studies), Helen Vossen (Pedagogy: Clinical Child and Family Studies)
    Event Room

15:30-16:30: Drinks and poster session