Data collection course Utrecht University

Dear PhD candidate, 

Next academic year we (PhD candidates from Child and Adolescent Studies at Utrecht University) organize a brand-new course on data collection, its many pitfalls and effective strategies. The goal of this course is to prepare you for your longitudinal data collection with youth, offering hands-on information and workshops so that at the end of each session, you have tools that you can directly apply to your own data collection. Each week we will dive into and work on a specific aspect of your data collection (such as method specification, participant communication, registration systems, and data anticipation). It is an 8-week course, consisting of an introduction meeting and four bi-weekly sessions that consist of four hours each. Sessions take place on Thursday mornings (9:00-13:00, Central European Time) in October and November 2021 in weeks 40, 41, 43, 45 and 47. Sessions will be offered both online and on location simultaneously (hybrid).

This course is mainly directed at PhD candidates who are involved in data collection but is open to all early career researchers who are involved in several stages of the design and execution of a data collection project (e.g., junior researchers, post docs, and (research) master students are also welcome). A requirement for this course is that you are currently or about to start preparing for longitudinal data collection in samples involving children and/or adolescents. If you’re already some time into your data collection, this course is not very well suited for you, as many of the topics will already be in the past. If this is the case for you, please contact us to discuss which parts of our course might be of specific help to your project.

If you want to participate, we would like to hear from you no later than Monday 6 September, so that we can take the number of participants into account to reserve a suitable room. Please send an email to to sign up. Thank you!

Feel free to forward the email to others who may be interested.

Kind regards on behalf of all course organizers,

Esther Bernasco, Ties Fakkel, Amanda van Loon, Lisanne de Moor, Zoë Rejaän, and Natasha Koper