Journal “Youth in Development”

Publish your research at “Youth in Development” (“Jeugd in Ontwikkeling”), the Dutch-language, open access, scientific journal in the field of pedagogy, psychology and psychiatry in 0- to 23-year-olds. Three new article formats are available for article submissions.

Professionals in the field often lack access to academic literature; with help from the VNOP, the newly launched ‘Youth in Development’ is changing this. Articles in this journal are freely accessible and contain relevant academic research highlighting development, parenting and interventions from different perspectives and contexts. Currently, the journal has been in existence for almost a year and the journal has added three new formats:

State of the art
Provide an overview of a recent line of research. This may be a line of research initiated within one’s own research group, a line presented in an oration or a discussion of the state of the art on a particular topic in the literature. A ‘state of the art’ article usually starts with a pressing (sometimes even controversial) question, about which the most up-to-date studies are then discussed in an integrated manner.

Inaugural lecture
Like a ‘state of the art’ article, an ‘Inaugural lecture’ provides an overview of a recent line of research.

Thesis summary
PhD students who have completed their thesis (approved by the reading committee) summarize the results of their research. The emphasis is on the research questions investigated, results and their implications for practice. For detailed methodology and statistics, please refer to the articles/chapters in the dissertation, unless the methodology used is relevant to practice.

Do you want to submit an article or read one of the five already published articles? “Jeugd in Ontwikkeling” is diamond open access, or a free scientific journal for readers as well as authors. Go to