Job opening: Assistant Professor in the field of Aging/ Lifespan Psychology

The Tilburg University department of Developmental Psychology is looking for an Assistant Professor in the field of Aging/ Lifespan Psychology, tenure track (1.0 fte, 5 years)


Due to increasing life expectancy, society in many western countries is aging rapidly. Advancing age increases the risk for cognitive, physical and social challenges, which can have a negative impact on physical and mental health and engagement in social activities. Hence, adaptive coping with these age-related challenges can significantly improve individuals’ quality of life and contribute to aging proactively. However, individuals are differently affected and react differently to age-related challenges. We are interested in which personal characteristics and behaviors (e.g., genetics, brain mechanisms, cognition, life-style, self-regulation, motivation, personality) account for these inter-individual differences and act as protective or risk factors in the diversity of the aging process. In addition, we are also interested in examining which and how these personal characteristics and behaviors can be adjusted and influenced to the better.

We are looking for a candidate, who likes to work in an interdisciplinary research environment. This includes collaborating with members of the department on cognitive aging, personality development and/or forensic psychology. In addition, the successful candidate will contribute to research collaborations across departments at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences with a focus on successful aging.

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