Online symposium on narrative identity in vulnerable populations on May 28th

Over the past decade, narrative identity has become a sizable and important subfield of the field of identity. However, most of the narrative studies have been conducted in normative populations of adolescents and beyond. Far less is known about what narrative identity “looks like” in societally more vulnerable populations, such as for instance individuals with severe psychological problems, degenerative diseases, and histories of trauma. This symposium brings together different researchers of all career stages to discuss their work with the vulnerability of their populations as a common denominator. Hopefully, this will further our understanding of how narrative identity may be the same as or different from that in the general population, and highlight and hopefully find solutions for some of the unique challenges that are faced in this subfield.

The symposium will take place on Friday May 28, between 2pm and 6pm CET. Additionally (and optionally), there will be morning sessions from 10am to 1pm CET. Given the uncertain COVID-19 situation in many countries including the Netherlands, the symposium will be organized via Microsoft Teams.

Morning program:

Focus groups on recruitment and retainment of vulnerable populations, ethical considerations, and important future questions.

Afternoon program:

2pm – keynote by Dorthe Kirkegaard Thomsen
3pm – Symposium I
Expert talk – Tilmann Habermas
Nagila Koster
Katrine Rasmussen
4.40pm – Symposium II
Expert talk – Joanne M. Chung
Mariam Fishere
Lisanne de Moor

If you want to attend the symposium as a guest, please register via Please note that you are free to attend the morning or afternoon session separately. If you are interested in joining the morning session, please also indicate a topic that you would be interested in discussing more thoroughly.