PhD position NeurolabNL: Chronic victimization

Opening for a PhD student position within a project financed by an OCW-Startimpuls grant in the new NWA program NeurolabNL: Optimal conditions for learning and safety of youth. The project is based on a collaboration between the Leiden University (Berna Güroğlu) and the University of Groningen (René Veenstra and Gerine Lodder).
The PhD candidate will develop and empirically test theories on the mechanisms that play a role in the maintenance of victimization, with specific attention to social perception processes. The PhD candidate will work both in Groningen and Leiden, depending on the phase of the PhD project. The first phase of the project will take place in Groningen (with frequent work visits to Leiden for fMRI training), the second phase of the project will take place in Leiden. See the tab vacancies for more details.